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Records of General Vice Presidents and Managing Directors General Vice Presidents and Managing Directors -- Mohamed Shoaib

Records of Mohamed Shoaib

Mohamed Shoaib was Vice President of the World Bank from 1966-1976, having previously served as the Alternate Executive Director, Executive Director, and Governor of the Bank from Pakistan. The documents in this file concern the Williamsburg II meeting held in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, in 1972. The meeting was a continuation of a previous meeting at which high-level officials from the Bank, other international organizations, and foreign governments discussed development issues for a particular region in itsbroad political and security context. The Williamsburg II meeting focused on Southeast Asia, the balance of power in the region after the Vietnam war, the role of China in the region, and the special problems of the overseas Chinese. The file contains an informal running account of the discussions, the program and a list of participants, a summary, and what appear to be Shoaib's handwritten notes during the meeting.