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Congratulations file

This series contains congratulatory letters from heads of state, government officials, and international and domestic private entities to A.W. Clausen on the occasion of his appointment as the President of the World Bank and the outgoing responses from President Clausen. A list of the contact addresses filed at the beginning of the series.

Country files

The Country files series contains the records of President Clausen's meetings with heads of states and organizations, representatives of member countries, government officials, Executive Directors, and Annual Meeting delegates. No files on the United States are included; these records are found primarily in the alphabetical files.

The files contain correspondence, memos, briefings, reports, opening remarks for the meetings, Country Program Papers, Annual Meeting country briefs, memoranda of the meetingswith the country delegates, press interviews, and background material. The records reflect the World Bank's issues with, concerns for, and activities in the country, region, or organization. The files on Algeria and Panama include photographs.

DRD country strategies, studies, and policy records

This series includes drafts of proposed country strategy papers, study papers, and policy papers maintained by Lamb when he served as Economist for the Development Research Department (DRD). This includes the following draft papers: African Development Strategy: Some Administrative Issues; Proposed Institutional Study of Kenya Tea Development Authority; Rapid Capitalist Development Model: a New Politics of Dependence?; and Market Surrogate Approaches to Institutional Development.

Development Research Department (DRD) chronological correspondence files

The series includes chronological correspondence, memoranda, and other records created or received by Geoffrey Lamb while serving as Economist for the Development Research Department (DRD). Records include incoming and outgoing correspondence and memoranda between Lamb, the DRD Director John Duloy, DRD staff, and staff from other Bank units, including the Development Economics Department (DED), the Projects Advisory Staff (PAS), the Policy, Planning, and Program Review Department (PPR), and economic staffin Bank Regions. The correspondence and memoranda primarily concern proposed country economic research and studies, seminar and workshop participation, and DRC Work Program proposals. Incoming and outgoing correspondence are also included from individuals and organizations external to the Bank. The series also includes travel and leave request records and back-to-office reports (BTOs).

Managing Director (MDS) chronological correspondence files

The series includes chronological correspondence files from when Attila Karaosmanoglu served as Managing Director (MDS) for Bank President Lewis T. Preston. The records include correspondence, memoranda, agenda and meeting minutes, and other records related to high level policies, programs, and administrative operations of the World Bank. This includes records related to the reorganization of the Bank in 1991, which details the termination of senior vice-presidencies in bank operations, establishment of managing directors in Bank operations, and the re-organization of Bank units and World Bank Group affiliates. Other records include memoranda and correspondence of various

meetings arranged for Karaosmanoglu with Preston, fellow Managing Directors Ernest Stern and Sven Sandstrom, Executive Directors of the Bank, country leaders, Regional Bank staff, and other World Bank senior officials. Some correspondence and memoranda cover policy and programs of the Bank, such as structural adjustment loan programs, travel policy, and country strategy or policy framework papers for specific countries.

PAB Division Chief/Assistant Director's subject and activity files

This series includes subject and activity files related to the various activities and responsibilities of Joseph Wood from his time as Division Chief and later Assistant Director of the Program and Budgeting Department (PAB). The bulk of the records consist of incoming and outgoing correspondence; memoranda; reports; draft PAB project proposals; draft working papers; draft policy papers; background research material; and handwritten notes sent or received by Joseph Wood and other PAB staff. Most records are extensively annotated by Joseph Wood, and some background research material pre-dates Wood's time in PAB. Memoranda, correspondence, and meeting minutes received by or sent to the Office of the President (EXC) and the Executive Board of Directors are also included. Some subject files include: discussion and working paper drafts on capital increase and the report entitled, "Future Role of the Bank"; revision of the Bank's lending program; reports and draft policy papers on capital market prospects; revisions for draft financial policy papers; drafts and background material on selective capital increase; reports on access to capital markets; IDA statistical tables, data, and documents; FY77 budget issues records; correspondence related to the OPEC Recycling Scheme; notes on disbursement projections; and so on.

Sector policy records

The series consists of sector policy review and sector work program review records created and maintained by Visvanathan Rajagopalan when he served as Vice President for Sector Policy and Research (PREVP/PRSVP), and its successor the Sector and Operations Policy Vice Presidency (OSPVP). Included in the series are drafts and final versions of Initiating Memoranda and policy papers; comments Rajagopalan received from his staff and units throughout the Bank on draft policy documents; briefing papers on draft policies; minutes of meetings of the PPR Management Group, the Operations Committee, the Policy Review Committee, the Executive Directors, the Committee of the Whole, and the UNDP/World Bank High Level Task Force on Collaboration at which policy documents were discussed; copies of Rajagopalan's remarks to the Executive Directors on policy documents; annual sector review reports; records related to sector department work program review; and copies of intra-OSP memoranda commenting on draft documents. Many ofthe documents are annotated with Rajagopalan's handwritten notes.

Administrative Circulars and For Your Information announcements

Series contains copies of of World Bank/International Finance Corporation/International Development Association (IBRD/IFC/IDA) Administrative Circulars from 1973 to 1985 and For Your Information (FYI) announcements from 1986 to 1993 collected by Moeen Qureshi. Administrative Circulars were circulated Bank-wide, and provided announcements of senior staff appointments, organizational and procedural changes, and Bank-wide initiatives. As of 1986, the circulars were renamed For Your Information. The frequencyof the announcements varied from week to week.

Latin America and Caribbean Advisory Group chronological files

Series consists of records related to Tim Campbell's work as the Principal Urban Sector Specialist in the Latin America and Caribbean Technical Department, Advisory Group (LATAD). Records relate to: conference attendance and participation; travel plans; Campbell's presentations to a variety of audiences; and staffing. Records include: Terms of Reference; back-to-office reports; Bank reports forwarded to Campbell; FY94 LATAD Retrospective; presentation slides; a number of innovation Case Studies relating toCuritiba, Brazil; LAC - FY97-99 Business Plan; and Campbell's FY97-99 Work Program. Records also include correspondence with external agencies and institutions that relate to information exchange, communications, and planning and coordination.

Records relate to a number of conferences and seminars that Campbell participated in or helped organize. These include: Institutional Development (ID) and Decentralized Governance: Looking Back on Lending, Looking Ahead to a Contestability Model of ID in LAC (1994);conferences of Latin American Mayors in Washington, DC, and Miami, Florida (1994 and 1996); a seminar called Decentralization: Policies and Practices that Work (1994); a seminar called Managing Decentralization: Best Practices and Policy Lessons in LAC (1996); a sub-regional conference on Best Practice and Policy Lessons in Decentralization (1995).

Series also contains a number of reports and articles authored by Campbell, including: Participation, Choice, and Accountability in Local Government: LAC andthe U.S. (May 1993); The Politics of Participation in Tijuana, Mexico: Inventing a New Style of Governance (1996, draft); Mendoza Provincial Program for Basic Social Infrastructure (MENPROSIF): Case Study (1995); and Innovations and Risk Taking: The Engine of Reform in Local Government of LAC (1996, accompanied by notes for a presentation on the paper).

Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network (PREM) chronological files

This series consists of chronological files with incoming and outgoing correspondence from when Masood Ahmed served as the Vice President of the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network (PREM). The records are arranged into different types of correspondence files, including: incoming emails from July 1997 to March 1998; outgoing emails from July 1997 to January 1998; chronological files from June 1997 to December 1997; general correspondence from June 1997 to January 1998; and general correspondence-external from February 1998 to December 1998. The chronological files consist of incoming and outgoing correspondence and memoranda with attached reports and handwritten notes related to the activities and communications within PREM, and with other units of the Bank. The general correspondence records are similar to the chronological files, but appear to be duplications and photo static copies of original correspondence. The general external correspondence includes incoming and outgoing correspondence between Ahmed and outside agencies, including communications with other multilateral institutions, NGOs, and private sector institutions. External reports and articles are also included.

Economic Development Institute (EDI) collaboration files

This series consists of records related to Masood Ahmed's collaboration with the Economic Development Institute (EDI) of the Bank. Ahmed served on an EDI Advisory Committee during his time as Director of the IEC, and continued tocollaborate with EDI on a number of activities once he became the Vice President of PREM. The series includes memoranda, correspondence, articles, EDI reports, and EDI publications.

DECVP/IECDR/CECDR chronological files

Series consists of chronological files created by Johannes Linn while working in the Development Economist and Chief Economist Vice Presidency (DECVP) between 1988 and 1991. The series contains records Linn created and received while serving in three different positions: as Senior Economic Advisor in the DECVP reporting directly to World Bank Chief Economist Stanley Fischer; as Director of DECVP's International Economics Department (IEC, 1989-1990); and as Country Economics Department Director (CEC, 1990-1991).

Records contained in chronological files created during his time as Senior Economic Advisor primarily contain correspondence, memoranda, and notes between Linn and World Bank staff. Drafts of reports, papers, and speeches are also included, generally as attachments; Linn's handwritten comments are included on some. Topics include: publication of reports; DECVP budgeting; adjustment lending; Operations Committee procedures; private sector development; public sector finance; staffing; conference and seminar attendance and participation; dissemination of information, reports, and speeches; and World Development Report 1989 and 1990. Records also include presentations and responses to queries related to the World Development Report 1988, of which Linn was the Staff Director. World Bank Board meeting minutes and Annual Meeting briefs authored for senior DECVP staff are also included.

Records contained in chronological files created during Linn's time as Director of DECVP's International Economics Department (IEC) contain correspondence, memoranda, and notes between Linn and World Bank staff. Topics include: access to World Bank socio-economic data; world economic projections; departmental staffing and recruitment; world debt tables; debt forgiveness; IEC publications; structural adjustment; and World Development Indicators (WDI) collaboration. A single file containing correspondence with external individuals and institutions created during Linn's time as Director of IEC is also contained in this series. It primarily contains invitations to participate in conferences and letters from individuals seeking employment or information.

Records contained in chronological files created during Linn's time as Director of DECVP's Country Economics Department (CEC) contain correspondence, memoranda, and notes between Linn and World Bank staff. Topics include: departmental budget, staffing, and work program review; country strategy papers (CSPs); structural and sectoral adjustment; coordination and support of policy workand research; review of staff papers and reports; private sector development (PSD) policy brief and PSD Working Group; publication of Linn's and others' articles and monographs; Soviet Union and former Soviet republics membership in the World Bank; privatization in developing countries; and constraints on lending. A small amount of material in these files relate to Linn's role in supporting the incoming World Bank Chief Economist Larry Summers. Records include correspondence with Summers and briefing materials.

Country Director, East Asia and Pacific Regional Vice Presidency (EAPVP) chronological correspondence files

This series contains chronological correspondence files from the first year and a half of Madavo's time as Country Director in the East Asia and Pacific Regional Vice Presidency (EAPVP). Madavo oversaw the Country Department responsible for lending and country monitoring for Cambodia, Korea, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mekong Committee, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. The correspondence is between Madavo and: member government officials including ministers; Bank staff including the East Asia and Pacific Regional Vice President, department division chiefs, and Bank resident missions of countries in Madavo's department; and Bank executive directors. Topics of correspondence are various but include: visits to countries; proposed and ongoing country projects and technical assistance; country tariffs; conference attendance; portfolio review; Country Strategy Paper and sector paper preparation; debt reduction; regional budgeting; staffing; and travel logistics and expenses. In addition to correspondence, other records include: project proposals from countries; minutes of Loan Committee meetings; back-to-office reports; speeches and remarks made by Madavo; briefing notes; and updates on country economic and political developments.

Trip diaries

Electrostatic copies of typewritten accounts by Louise Woods of official and personal trips. The files on some of the official trips can be found in the records of George D. Woods. The descriptions are exclusively of social events, such as dinners, receptions, shopping trips, and sightseeing. Some descriptions illuminate the personalities of persons who accompanied the Woods on the trips or were met by them.

Operations Committee records of the Chairman (Moeen Qureshi)

This series is comprised of Moeen Qureshi's set of minutes, postscripts, and memoranda relating to meetings of the Operations Committee during the period when Qureshi was Senior Vice President, Operations, and chairman of the Operations Committee. The contents of the files for the meetings vary somewhat but may contain the Country Strategy Paper, Initiating Memorandum, or report that was discussed at the meeting; the minutes of the meeting and/or the related Postscript; and memoranda from other members of the Operations Committee, members of the Operations staff, regional directors, or members of the Economic Advisory Staff. The files include Qureshi's handwritten annotations and notes and copies of his formal comments.

Chronological files

This chronological series primarily contains outgoing letters and memoranda. Many of the items relate to the oral history program: making appointments for interviews; sending proposed questions; and sending transcripts to the person interviewed. Other memoranda send Bank reviewers draft chapters from the World Bank history project and send comments to the project from the reviewers; some memoranda also send the work of the Historian's Office out for comment. Letters and memoranda to the Brookings Institution and to senior Bank staff track the progress of the history project.

Shared Records of the Director-General, Operations Evaluation (DGO), and the Director, Operations Evaluation Department (OEDDR)

Series consists of files of both the Director-General, Operations Evaluation (DGO), and the Director, Operations Evaluation Department (OEDDR). The records document OEDDR and DGO interaction with: staff in other parts of the Bank; U.S. officials in the General Accounting Office, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and the Department of the Treasury who were interested in the evaluation function within the Bank; and officials in industrialized nations, NGOs, and international aid organizations who were responsible for, or interested in, monitoring and evaluation processes.

General Subject Files of the Directors-General, Operations Evaluation

This series consists primarily of reports, studies, and other issuances sent to the Director-General either for his comments or as part of a general distribution to high-level managers in the Bank. Filed with these issuances are comments and related correspondence of the Director-General and his special advisers and comments that the OED staff provided the DGO. The documents from the Kapur and Rovani eras are primarily originals, many with handwritten comments from the Directors-General. The Picciotto-eradocuments are primarily electrostatic copies. Key topics covered by the files include: mechanisms for integrating OED findings into the policy formation process of the Bank (filed under Dissemination and Feedback); evaluation criteria used in appraising projects (filed under Methodology); OEDs involvement in the monitoring and evaluation of NGO programs and in providing evaluation guidance to NGOs (filed under NGOs); OED guidelines for evaluating environmental projects (filed under Environment); planning for the 1995 G-7 Summit in Halifax (filed under G-7 Summit); the role of gender in OED work (filed under Women in Development); DGO/OED comments on the Annual Report on Portfolio Performance (ARPP) and on the disconnect between the ARPP and Completion Report/Audit Report ratings (filed under Annual Report on Portfolio Performance); and planning for the 1994 Annual Review of Evaluation Results (filed under Annual Review). Filed under Development Committee Task Force on Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) are replies to questions and copies of documents DGO Picciottos adviser Pablo Guerrero provided to the Task Force secretary. The MDB Task Force files also contain Guerreros comments on draft background studies submitted to the Task Force. Filed under Main Complex Rehabilitation Project (MCRP) are records regarding a 1993 Bank inquiry into cost overruns for an improvement program to the Banks headquarters complex at 1818 H Street NW. That file includes copies of Robert Picciottos 1993 memoranda outlining the input he had into the funding required for the project while he was Vice President of Corporate Planning and Budget. The files also include Picciottos comments on a draft of the S. Guhan chapter, The Banks Project Lending in South Asia, 1971-1990, in Volume II of the Brookings history of the World Bank.

Authors' conference

On June 2 and 3, 1992, the World Bank History Project held a conference with all the authors of essays for Volume II of The World Bank: Its First Half Century. Each author presented his draft paper and explained the approach he had taken. Not all authors participated, but at least some of the authors not present sent papers in advance. This untranscribed set of tapes records the discussion at the two day conference. Series contains reference copies producedby the Bank Archives of all of the conference tapes. As such, only six of the twelve tapes are original.

Correspondence with Volume II authors

The World Bank History Project commissioned essays for the second volume of the history. This series contains the correspondence between the project staff and the essay authors and some correspondence between readers of draft essays and the project staff. Also included is correspondence about essays that ultimately were not included in the volume.

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