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Advertising Council's Award acceptance address, December 12, 1968 - Correspondence 01 Remarks to the Foreign Relations Association and Economic Society of the Canton of Berne, Nov. 28... Anglo-American Conference on Africa, May 27-29, 1971 - Correspondence 01 Morgan Guaranty Trust International Council, June 16, 1972 - Correspondence 01 Remarks to Institutional Investors and Underwriters - Correspondence 01 Remarks at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, March 8, 1979 - Correspondence 01 Meeting with Commission on International Trade and Investment Policy, Febr. 24, 1971 - Correspond... Albert Pick, Jr. Award acceptance remarks, May 22, 1979 - Correspondence 01 Tun Abdul Razak Award acceptance remarks, June 10, 1978 - Correspondence 01 American Urological Association lecture, October 17, 1977 - Correspondence 01 Massachusetts Institute of Technology lecture, April 28,1977 - Correspondence 01 Aspen Consultation on Global Justice, June 1974 - Correspondence 01 Remarks to Institutional Investors and Underwriters - Correspondence 01 International Meeting on Development Policy, Heidelberg - Correspondence 01 Bellagio Conference on Population - Correspondence 01 Ditchley Conference - Correspondence 01 Montebello Conference, Febr. 22, 1970 - Correspondence 01 University of Notre Dame address, May l, 1969 - Correspondence 01 USS JFK Kennedy commissioning address - Correspondence 01 Morgan Guaranty Trust International Council, Febr. 6-7, 1969 - Correspondence 01

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Conferences, lectures and addresses


  • 1968 - 1980 (Creación)

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The items in this series came from the Office of the President and the files of speech writer John Maddux of the Information and Public Affairs Department. They were interfiled at the Joint Bank/Fund Library and transferred to the Archives on 16 November 1982. The Archives left the file as merged, with the exception of a file on an ECOSOC meeting which was placed in the Subject files.

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This series contains correspondence and notes regarding guest lectures and remarks by President McNamara and conferences he attended, both in the U.S. and in Europe. It is clearly fragmentary and does not cover many of the events in which McNamara participated. The series includes speeches he gave on topics such as population (University of Notre Dame in May 1969), poverty and population (American Urological Association in October 1977), and international development (Frederick Ebert Foundation in Bonn in 1979). Several files relate to awards given to McNamara, including on from the Tun Abdul Razak foundation in Malaysia; some awards files include speeches and remarks he made at the presentation of the award.

A few conference files include McNamara's handwritten notes of points made by other speakers; sometimes a typescript copy of his notes on the proceedings is filed. Because the speakers were often important figures in public affairs, these notes are useful for researching both the positions taken bythe participants and McNamara's understanding of the points they made.

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  • Records of the office of the President -- Records of President Robert S. McNamara -- Statements, speeches, and interviews (WB IBRD/IDA EXC-10-4547S).

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