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Records of General Vice Presidents and Managing Directors

Records of Sir Denis Rickett

Sir Denis Rickett was Vice President of the World Bank from 1968 until 1974. The records are a series of subject files that include copies of reports and memos and well as personal correspondence and notes.

The Committee of Twenty, formally the Committee of the Board of Governors on Reform of the International Monetary System and Related issues, was established in 1972. Rickett served as the Bank's representative to the Committee from March 1973 until June 1974, and the files consist of Rickett's correspondence, memos and reports of the meetings of the committee as well as memos and documents from the Committee's Technical Group on the SDR Link.

The Council of Europe files contain Rickett's correspondence as well as agendas, reports and the records of the January 1970 convention on development in which Rickett participated as a discussant. Files on conferences contain correspondence and reports relating to conferences to which Rickett was invited and copies of speeches he delivered.

The Pearson Commission on development issues was established in 1968 under the chairmanship of Lester B. Pearson. Rickett's files on the Pearson commission consist of copies of J. Burke Knapp's correspondence (Knapp was also a Vice President of the Bank during this period), memos and reports on the Commission as well as the original letters Lester Pearson received from heads of states and other VIPS in response to his report Partners in Development. The Canadian International Development Authority commissioned a study in 1971 to look at the World Bank over the next decade. Written by Escott Reid, the draft of the study is in the Rickett files, along with a summary of the report and copies of comments on the draft by Bank staff members.

Other files contain memos and Bank reports on debt problems and energy and oil issues during the 1973-1974 oil crisis.

Records of Robert L. Garner

Robert L. Garner was Vice President of the World Bank from 1947-1956. The documents in this file concern the trip that Garner made to the Middle East and North Africa on behalf of the Bank in the spring of 1949. Although fragmentary, they convey a sense of the issues Garner discussed with the leaders in the countries visited, particularly in Turkey. The notes of Garner's report to a staff meeting provide an overview of the trip. Also interesting is Garner's report to Bank President John J. McCloy on Garner's visit to Egypt.

Records of Mohamed Shoaib

Mohamed Shoaib was Vice President of the World Bank from 1966-1976, having previously served as the Alternate Executive Director, Executive Director, and Governor of the Bank from Pakistan. The documents in this file concern the Williamsburg II meeting held in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, in 1972. The meeting was a continuation of a previous meeting at which high-level officials from the Bank, other international organizations, and foreign governments discussed development issues for a particular region in itsbroad political and security context. The Williamsburg II meeting focused on Southeast Asia, the balance of power in the region after the Vietnam war, the role of China in the region, and the special problems of the overseas Chinese. The file contains an informal running account of the discussions, the program and a list of participants, a summary, and what appear to be Shoaib's handwritten notes during the meeting.

Records of General Vice Presidents and Managing Directors

  • Fonds
  • 1949, 1968 - 1974

The records of the era of the general vice presidents are fragmentary. A few records of a Middle East and North African trip by Robert L. Garner exist, as does a file on a meeting in Jogjakarta attended by Mohamed Shoaib. The files of Sir Denis Rickett contain important records on studies of the future role of the Bank, as well as information on the Bank's reactions to the oil crisis of the early 1970s.

General Vice Presidents and Managing Directors