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Records of the Education Sector

  • Fundos
  • 1960, 1970 - 2007
  • 1960, 1970 - 2007

The fonds consists of records that reflect the various activities of the education sector in the World Bank. Included in the fonds are records related to research activities. These include: proposals; Research Project Outputs (RPOs); exploratory studies; and other research undertaken by education sector departments. Record formats may include, but are not limited to: research proposals; terms of reference; contracts; agreements with consultants, universities and other third parties who are doing research for or with the division; back-to-office reports; statistical and other data; published and unpublished reports; working papers; related correspondence; information on surveys; and supporting documentation. Topics may include but are not limited to: economic impact of education; women in education; structural adjustment and education; education and public expenditures; education strategy and employment policies; assessments of testing capacities; effects of school conditions and atmosphere on students' performances.

Research records related to policy and best practice development are also included. Topics may include, but are not limited to: building research capacity; economics of education; primary, secondary and higher education; education and adjustment; employment and labor market; vocational training; and higher education in the sciences. The majority of these records is correspondence, but may also include: sector policy reviews; Operations Annual Review; Sector and Operations Vice Presidency (OSP) Annual Sector Review; Operations Evaluation Department (OED) Annual Reviews; and documents relating to special studies. Also included is a final version of the education sector strategy paper (1999) as well as records related to an External Advisory Panel's Advisory Group on Education, which contains correspondence, Group reports, meeting materials, and presentation slides.

Records that document the sector's operational support to the Bank's lending and project activities are included in this fonds. These records primarily include regional strategy papers and supporting correspondence, country summaries, and education status data. Also included are the final review reports of the quality enhancement review panel's work on a number of education projects between 2001 and 2007.

A small amount of correspondence, policy, guidelines, proposals, and organization files related to the Special Grant Program as well as trust funds administered by the education sector are also included.

The fonds also consist of recordsof liaison between Bank education sector departments and national and international organizations, academic institutions and other external education and employment sectors. These records consist exclusively of correspondence.

Records related to communications, training, and outreach activities of the education sector are contained in this fonds. Records relating to a variety of conferences, workshops, seminars, and study tours are included. These records include correspondence, agendas, presentation slides, and training materials. A considerable amount of records related to the World Conference on Education for All (WCEFA) in 1989 are contained in this fonds. The Conference was jointly sponsored by the Bank and the United Nations (UN). While the records were originally created by the Secretariat in New York City, the Bank took responsibility for follow-up matters and thus the records were transferred to the Bank's offices in Washington. A small amount of education sector publications are included; these consist of discussion papers of the Education and Training Series from the mid-1980s. A variety of knowledge and information products produced or received by education sector departments are included. These take the form of: Bank reports; project lesson reports; newsletters; presentations; correspondence; and supporting documentation.

This fonds also consists of education policy reports primarily authored by World Bank education policy staff and consultants from 1974 to 1990.

The fonds also contains small amounts of: Education Sector Board meeting records; chronological files of the Education Sector Board (ESB); and subject files. Also included are HDNED budget and financial review records from 1997 to 2000. These include: business plans; mid-term reviews; retrospective reviews; and budgets.

Education Sector

Chronological file of Elizabeth King

  • Séries
  • September 1987 - March 1991, July 1991 - March 1992
  • September 1987 - March 1991, July 1991 - March 1992

This chronological file, which was maintained by Elizabeth King while she was working in the Education and Employment Division of the Human Resources Department (PHREE), includes both her incoming and outgoing correspondence. Much of the correspondence is with economists and educators external to the Bank, but the files include her correspondence with other PHR and Bank employees. Among the correspondence are copies of her Terms of Reference, travel documents, and Back-to-Office Reports regarding her missions and attendance at conferences; copies of draft papers on which she commented; drafts of her own publications with comments from others; and copies of research project proposals she drafted. The correspondence also documents her role as part of the World Development Report 1991 team and her drafting of the chapter on human resources in the report.

Conference on Improving the Effectiveness of Urban Assistance files

Series consists of records relating to the Conference on Improving the Effectiveness of Urban Assistance held in Washington on December 2-6, 1985. The Conference was convened by the World Bank to evaluate the previous decade's experience in the area of urban development and to develop plans for the future. Records include general Conference information and planning materials such as agendas, workshop plans, tour preparation, and planning committee correspondence. The series also includes speeches, biographies of speakers, and a published copy of the summary of proceedings. Correspondence relating to presenter, delegate, and donor invitations is also included as are thank-you and feedback letters from attendees.

ECDRB/DEDRB chronological files

Series consists of chronological files created by Johannes Linn while serving in the Urban and Regional Economics Division of the Economics Department (ECDRB) and its successor the Development Economics Department (DEDRB) of the Development Policy Vice Presidency (DPS). Correspondence and memoranda contained in the chronological files generally relate to his work on urban development policy. Chronological files include those labeled "Chronological File - Official Correspondence" and labeled "Chronological File".

The "Official Correspondence" folders date from 1973 to 1981 and exclusively contain correspondence between Linn and individuals external to the World Bank. Most of the correspondence deals with the sharing of information (i.e. papers and reports), conference participation, and speech requests and logistical planning for conferences. A small number of papers and reports are included as attachments to correspondence. Correspondence is between Linn and academics, journalists, government officials, multilateral institutions, and other institutions and associations.

Other chronological files in this series primarily contain correspondence and memoranda between Linn and World Bank staff. Correspondence between Linn and external, non-Bank staff is more personal and substantive in nature than that found in the Official Correspondence files. Topics in these records include: project proposals; seminar and conference participation; research projects; work programs; economic analysis of Bank projects; and country and city studies.

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