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Records of the Water Sector

  • Fundos
  • 1973 - 2008

This fonds contains records created between 1973 and 2008 that reflect the various iterations of the water sector in the World Bank (Bank) and their activities. In particular, it includes records relating to the Bank's partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for the UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program (UNDP-World Bank WSP), a cooperative program created in 1978. It also contains records about the Bank's and UNDP's contributions during the United Nation's 1981 - 1990 International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade (IDWSSD).

Records in this fonds document the research, operational support, governance, quality control, and trust fund management for global program projects managed and/or supported by various Bank water sector departments. Topics include but are not limited to handpump development and testing, sewerage, landfill design, sanitation, solid waste private options, demonstration projects, and participatory development and management--initiatives involving users, particularly women (i.e., PROWWESS-Promotion of the Role of Women in Water and Environmental Sanitation Services) , and communities in all stages of the water development process.

Materials in this fonds include but are not limited to internal and external correspondence (including letters, memoranda, and telexes), project files (including reports, Country Monitoring Evaluations-CMEs, agreements, Terms of References-TORs, progress reports, budgets, personnel management files, country information, research materials, and liaison records with external agencies), training material, research files, conference and workshop materials, departmental publications, and finance and accounting records.

Water Development Sector

Records of the Industry and Mining Sector

  • Fundos
  • 1949, 1951, 1960 - 2007 (predominant 1974 - 2001)

The fonds contains records created and received by the Industrial Projects Department (NDP, later IPD) created in 1969 and its various divisions and successors. Records document the manufacturing industry and mining units' various functional responsibilities including operational support to lending projects carried out by regional units after 1987, formulation of policy, preparation of research studies and publications, organization and participation in knowledge and learning events, liaison with external partners, and program collaboration across the sector. In addition, records originating between 1969 and mid-1987 reflect NDP's and its successors' operational role as one of the Bank's central operating departments (COPDs) with responsibility for all technical work preparing, appraising, and supervising large-scale industrial projects. Although the development finance and communication and information technology sectors were organized under industry departments or units over time, these sectors are not included in this fonds unless records were intermingled by their creators. See the arrangement note and related units of description note below for more information.

While sector records were maintained in the Bank-wide centralized filing system from the early years of operations until mid-1987 and some of these records remain part of the Central Files fonds, departments often kept separate working files. It is primarily the working files of the industry and mining sectors that comprise the records in this fonds, along with records created after 1987 when NRICs closed and recordkeeping responsibilities were turned over to the records-creating offices. See the arrangement note below.

Records in the fonds cover a broad range of subsectors and topics under industrial development including: manufacturing industry, notably steel, chemicals and chemical products (fertilizer), refineries; mining of non-fuel minerals (iron ore, nickel, copper, zinc, tin, aluminic (bauxite), and fuel minerals (coal, lignite, oil shale).

The fonds also contains records of the Incentives and Comparative Advantage (INCA) Unit created as a Bank research project in 1981 under the Industrial Development and Finance Department (IDF) that later operated within the Strategy and Policy Division, Industry Department (INDSP) between 1982 and 1985. These records reflect the support and applied research activities of the small, specialized unit, and include the Bank's work beginning from the early 1970s when the Development Research Center (DRC) economists conducted INCA analyses and studies prior to the INCA unit.

Industry Development Sector

Records of the Strategy and Policy Division, Incentives and Comparative Advantage (INCA) Unit

The sub fonds contains records documenting various activities of the Incentives and Comparative Advantage (INCA) unit established in August 1981 initially within the Industrial Development and Finance Department in the Central Projects Staff (CPS) and later incorporated within the Industry Department, Strategy and Policy Division (INDSP). The records reflect organization and management of the unit, support of INCA studies conducted in various developing countries, and development of applied research products and tools. Earlier records from the early to late 1970s were created and maintained by the Development Research Center (DRC) unit within the Development Policy Vice Presidency (VPD) that conducted INCA research and ad hoc support during this period.

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